CSIRO has provided data from SRES scenario runs to the 
IPCC-DDC in autumn 2001. These data are included into the DDC
in January 2002.  
Due to an error in the model specifications provided to the IPCC DDC for all CSIRO 
SRES runs,  the labels for model skin temperatures and model air temperatures were reversed.
This error was discovered not before September 19th  2002 and the correction then 
was applied immediately.

As a consequence (air) temperature data sets retrieved from the archive prior to
end of September 2002 will contain the skin temperature data instead of the air temperature.
The results based on these data will be erroneous.
The data were used in preparation of a report that depicts projected
changes in seasonal surface air temperature and precipitation for three
30-year periods (2010-2039, 2040-2069 and 2070-2099) relative to the
baseline period 1961-1990 in 32 sub-continental scale regions
(Ruosteenoja et al., 2003). The implications of using the erroneous data
in this application are described in a more detailed description of the errors.
H. Luthardt 13-05-05