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NCAR-DOE Climate Scenario Data

For all of the integrations that have been performed using NCAR-DOE - go to the Data Description Pages - GCM Experiments - NCAR-DOE Information.

GCM Climate Change Scenarios

Data are available for the following periods:

1961-1990 Mean monthly values;

2010-2039 Mean monthly change fields;

2040-2069 Mean monthly change fields;

2070-2099 Mean monthly change fields.

Download Information

To download data from a specific experiment for an individual timeslice, simply click on the relevant file name in the Table below. This will ftp to you a zipped file containing individual mean-monthly files for each available climate variable. You will then need to unzip each file to extract the relevant data. The final column, All Time-Slices, contains the zipped version of the four individual time-slice zipped files.

Experiment Details 1961-1990
(max 1.7MB)
(max 1.7MB)
(max 1.7MB)
(max 5.6MB)
All Time Slices
max 5.6MB)
Greenhouse Gas 1% pa - NCAR-DOE Grid  .  .  .  . .
NCAR-DOEGGA1 Not Applicable Not Applicable
Greenhouse Gas and Sulphate Aerosol 1% pa NCAR-DOE Grid . . . . .
NCAR-DOEGSA1 Not Applicable Not Applicable

Note: If you require higher temporal resolution data for the above integrations refer to the IPCC-DDC GCM Data Archive pages for further details.