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IPCC 4th Assessment Report (2007): Model CCCMA-CGCM3_1-T63, change fields


For the SRES scenarios, SRA1B, SRA2, SRB1, anomalies are calculated relative to the 1961-1990 mean of the 20th century simulation, 20C3M. Anomalies for the 1PTO2X and 1PTO4X scenarios are relative to the pre-industrial control, PICTL.

Further details

Further details from the pcmdi model documentation page

Land sea mask not currently available.

Data Tables

Each block in the table contains links to one or more data files and to one information page (the `info' link) with further information.

The data files are 'tar' files with names of the form [model]_[scenario]_[variable]_[climatology].tar.

The model, scenario and variable are determined by the position in the table.

Each tar file contains several NetCDF files with names of the form: [model]_[scenario]_[ensemble number]_[variable]_[start-year]-[end-year].nc.

Different climatologies are indicated by the links within each table entry.

  • 20x: Twenty year averages, +20-39, +46-65, +80-99, +180-199 (as used in Chapt. 10 of IPCC 2007)
  • 30a: Thirty year averages, +01-30, +31-60, +61-90 (as used in the observational climatologies)
  • 30b: Thirty year averages, +10-39, +40-69, +70-99 (for compatibility with the 3rd Assessment Report)
The averaging period is relative to AD2000 for SRES scenarios A1B, A2 and B1, relative to AD1900 for the twentieth century run (20C3M) and relative to the start of the experiment for the pre-industrial control (PICTL) and the 1PCTO2X and 1PCTO4X runs.

Data available

Variable SRA1B SRB1
humidity (Anomaly)
20x; 30b; info 20x; 30b; info
flux (Anomaly)
20x; 30b; info 20x; 30b; info
surface downwelling
shortwave flux in
air (Anomaly)
20x; 30b; info 20x; 30b; info
temperature (Anomaly)
20x; 30b; info 20x; 30b; info
eastward wind (Anomaly) 20x; 30b; info 20x; 30b; info
northward wind (Anomaly) 20x; 30b; info 20x; 30b; info